Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Samsarpadavo (Konkani New Year)

Happy Yugadi/ Gudi Padwa to all.

Today is Konkani New Year. The day starts with cleaning the house, specifically the puja room. Every year, during konkani new Year, I remember the time when my Mother cleaned the house thoroughly, starting a few days prior to this day. On the eve of New Year's, the entrance of the house and puja room would be decorated with mango leaves and flowers. After puja at home, we would head over to my Bapama and Ajja's (My father's parents), where we celebrated New Year with extended family. They lived in the same town and a few minutes away from us. It was a hub for many relatives to get together for special events.
The first thing we were offered at Bapama's was "Bevu Bella" (Neem leaves and jaggery), which I never looked forward too. We all had to eat it (even after all the fussing) since it was Prasad from the temple. To remove the bitter taste of neem leaves, Bapama would treat us with "Khadisakar" (Rock Candy).
Then came the delicious, enjoyable meal. The menu would comprise of dishes made with fruits and vegetables that were in season. Chana Gashi, Tendle Batate Bibbe Upkari, Kadge chakko, Ambe Upkari, Avnas Ambe Sasam, Dalitoy, variety of Phodi's and of course Kheer/Madgane - to name a few.
It was today morning, during my conversation with my Mother, she reminded that it was Yugadi today. With very little grocery at home, I had to manage with what I had. Considering everyone's liking, it was a simple meal.

 Phagila Phodi, Chana gashiKele Phodi; white rice with Dalitoy.

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