Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Birthday - My Friend!

This past weekend, we celebrated my friend "B" milestone birthday and I volunteered to make this treat for her special day. Her husband along with her new born Princess were the first Indian family that I met when I landed in this foreign country. She remained to be one of my best friends although we now see each other a few times in a year. With her busy work schedule and her little baby, she was my big support when I went through a difficult pregnancy. I will forever be grateful for all that she did. I like to call her as my "Bold and Beautiful" friend.
Knowing her as a very affectionate, artistic, ambitious, creative (the list goes on...) and a multi-talented person, I knew she would cherish these cupcakes and she did!
I find it important to appreciate people when they make a difference in someones lives and I like to make them feel extra special on their special day. The party was one of the best- good food, music and loads of laughter. After a fun-filled weekend, birthday girl responded back the next day "Good friends can see the best in a person and that is priceless".

Happy Birthday!

It was fun making these cupcakes once my mind was stable after brain storming several thoughts. I was undecided with the design until the day before the event. "B" who enjoys art during free time (and also a writer), I thought this would be a perfect arrangement of cupcakes. She loved it and I got a big hug in return. It was 100% satisfaction for me. I only wished, I used fondant to make an edible paint brush.

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