Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl 2013

It's Super Bowl time! It is the long awaited game in our house. This year, it is the Ravens Vs. the 49ers. What's your prediction?

Football is always a mayhem in my house (in a good way!) since my boys have never ever supported the same team during any football game. I leave the boys by themselves, and utilize the time for myself during Sunday Night Football, with the exception of the Super Bowl. You can imagine the chaos in the house! I think it's best for me to say "may the best team win". I have watched a few football games occasionally, but still have no clue on any of the rules. The best thing on Super Bowl day that I look forward to are the ads and the half time show. Getting game day food ready is my only contribution to football ; and of course, I cannot miss Beyonce's performance after her lip-syncing episode at the President's inaugural. I look forward to the interesting ads and the two brother coaches playing against each other.
Last year when the Giants won, one of my boys almost jumped on the couch. What excitement! It reminded me of Tom Cruise on Oprah's couch! The other was rolling on the floor, frustrated.
Super Bowl being on Sunday's, we have always stayed at home and watched the game. But after a long, crazy week, I decided to accept an invitation to a friends Super Bowl gathering. I'm looking forward to relaxing and catching up with good, old friends and trying different types of food including Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings and Panini with Ground Meat. Thank you "S" family for inviting and hosting the event.

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