Monday, July 22, 2013

Ambe Upkari (Ripe mango curry)

My husband insanely loves mangoes in any form and we have them at home through out the season.
The mangoes used for this dish are the small varieties, which are yellow/red in color. They were kept in a little box at the grocery store, unfortunately with no name on it. I decided to pick just three mangoes since I'm not a big fan of mangoes (and yes, it surprises everyone that I don't like mangoes). This dish was made just for my husband and one of them was gone even before I could plate to upload the picture!


3 ripe mangoes
1 cup water
1/4 cup jaggery (brown sugar)
2 green chillies, slit
a pinch of salt
1 tbsp maida (flour)
1/2 tsp sasam (black mustard seeds)
1 dried red chilli, cut into 3 pieces (I use Byadgi)
a few curry leaves
salt to taste

How it's made:

Rinse and peel mangoes, set aside. Do not discard peel.
In a mixing bowl, combine mango peel and 1 cup water. Extract  juice out of the mango peel as much as possible. Discard peel and transfer mango juice to the skinned mangoes.
In a sauce pan combine mango, mango juice, green chillies, jaggery and salt. Boil well for 5 mins. Mix flour with a few tsp of water and add to mangoes. Stir until sauce thickens.
In a "phanna davlo" or small frying pan, heat oil. Add mustard. When it splutters, add red chillies and curry leaves. Add seasoning to mangoes. Serve with plain white rice, dalitoy, papad and batate upkari/alsande upkari.

Serves : 3

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