Tuesday, November 13, 2012


This is a favorite in my household. When we talk about Diwali at home, the first question that comes up is "When can I help with making Shankarpali?" They disappear as & when I fry them!!! I tried to make in large quantity this year since we like it at home and it is popular with kids as well.


6oz milk
6oz sugar
4 oz ghee, thick (clarified butter)
Maida (flour)- approx 3 cups, maybe more
a pinch of salt
oil for frying

How it's made:

Boil milk, ghee & sugar together. Add maida little at a time & stir with spoon to avoid lumps. Make a soft dough & set aside covered with a damp towel. Take a lemon size dough & roll to 1/2"thick circle. (Dusting the rolling pin & surface with flour is not required).

Using a pizza cutter or serrated edge cutter (like the one in the image below), cut into diamond or small squares.

Deep fry in medium hot oil. If the oil is too hot, it browns quickly on the outside but remains uncooked on inside. Remove from oil when light brown.

Note: It can be deep fried in ghee which makes it more tastier.

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